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Offer In Compromise Tv Salesmen

Salesmen on TV selling Offer in Compromise services

10 REASONS Why you should not call that free 800 Number:

  1. The cost of advertising is expensive. That means, when you pay for Offer in Compromise (OIC) services, you will pay more for services to pay for that additional advertising cost. The TV contractors are expensive.
  2. Offers in compromise filed in volume are "factory" operations. In a high volume OIC service, you will not get the time and attention you deserve.
  3. The TV salesmen on any tax service are not tax attorneys. The OIC is based on law. Any firm selling tax services of any kind cannot give you the best service if they are not trained to interpret the tax statute, tax regulations, administrative regulation and judicial precedent.
  4. The TV car-salesmen types can file the OIC forms with a first class stamp without giving you guidance on how to minimize the settlement amount.
  5. An attorney will send out the OIC with a legal memorandum stating the law and the facts to justify the settlement. The legal memorandum is a form of reverse-intimidation. The IRS knows that when they get legal justification from a tax attorney, they cannot take advantage of your representative before the IRS.
  6. The TV OIC salesmen try to scare you into hiring them with threats of income levies. There are many ways to deal with a potential levy even without an OIC.
  7. The TV salesmen say that the IRS has a "fresh start" program that is ready to expire. That is a lie. There is no such program for OIC’s, just the regular OIC program.
  8. A tax attorney with many years of experience can draw on their IRS experiences. The factory operation use clerks or other non-attorneys who do not have that experience.
  9. A factory OIC high-volume service is not familiar with current changes in the tax law and administrative regulations because they do not have access to tax research services.
  10. The TV factory types cannot give you the best service when the IRS starts asking questions, when they request information and when they do now follow their own rules.