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Questions you may have about filing current taxes or back taxes:

1.      What tax forms do you need?

2.      How far back do you need to go to file tax returns?

3.      Are the old tax return forms available?

4.      Can you get a tax penalty abated?

5.      Will the interest be abated?

6.      How can you be sure your calculations are correct?

7.      What happens if you do not have all of your records?

8.      Will the IRS accept and incomplete tax return?

9.      Will you get a refund?

10.  How can you find out if you are entitled to all of your deductions?

11.  What are miscellaneous itemized deductions?

12.  How can you find out if the IRS has received a tax return?

13. Can you get a copy of a filed tax return?

14. Is it possible to get a transcript of your tax records with the IRS?

15. How do you determine your filing status?

16. Do you have to file a state tax return?

17. What if you live in more than one state during the year?

18. What do you do if you are under investigation by the IRS and have not filed all of your tax returns?

19. If you are married, should your spouse sign the tax return?

20.  If you are disabled or unemployed should you file a tax return?

21.  How can tax returns be filed electronically?

22.  What if you are a current filer buy have some prior tax returns that have not been filed?

23.  When does the statute of limitations run on a filed tax return?

24.  How many years do you need to save all of your tax documents?

25.  What do you do if you are in business and do not have a complete set of books?

26.   Can you use a tax preparer located in another state?

27.   What happens if you lie on a tax return?

28.   If you have not filed all of your tax returns, was it based on the advice of another person?

29.   What happens if you do not have the money to pay for your tax liability?

30.   Do you know if you are required to file quarterly tax returns?

The 30 questions above are the tip of the proverbial “ice berg.”  Not everyone is knowledgeable about taxes.  The tax software is complex and it asks questions you cannot answer or do not know how to answer.  You may not have a competent and experiences tax return preparer at your location.

Call (703) 978-0579 if you require bookkeeping or tax preparation services.

Presented by Alvin Brown and Associates, tax attorney, formerly with the Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS. 
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